Posted by: loveontherocks | September 21, 2008

blah blah blah blah blah

Today sucketh.

I was up a lot in the night, feeling sick. Morning and now, afternoon, hasn’t changed that much. I’m feeling restless and impatient and overly BLAH. Also a bit hungry but so not going there…

I wrote a haiku.

Maybe I’ll write one everyday.

Here it is:

blankets smell like bleach
wanting coffee in my cup
i stay here and wait

Do you like it??

Yeah, it’s pretty bland but that’s ok. It’s reflective. lol.

So on my big to do list for today:

1. Shower

2. Babysit from 6-8

3. Laundry??


Posted by: loveontherocks | September 21, 2008

Howie Mandel has pretty eyes.

So I’m sitting here watching Deal or No Deal and wondering how I could get on the show…

Also lusting over sooooo many things that money could buy me.

On my wish list?

  • A new flat iron and hair dryer (mine are sadly slowing down and breaking)

  • Fall shoes and boots!!!

  • A GOOD vacation
  • New perfume… I’m liking Givenchy’s Irresistable
  • A perfect french manicure like Eva’s… loving the bling, too!
  • A beautiful new handbag like this one by Dooney & Burke
  • A bold cute fally coat like this Ravishing Red beauty at J. Crew

  • And some cool sweaters, too… Too bad this one is over $300…

  • A big gold watch

  • A power toothbrush, because really, it’s about time!

Ok that’s all for now. I need to win the lottery…

More posting later… I need to show some pics of the fish I caught today!! Did you know that fish love hot dogs?? THEY DO. IT’S WEIRD. I smelled like fish and hotdogs for a while. Maddie loved it.

Ok time to go look at some magazines and pick something new to watch on Tv!

Posted by: loveontherocks | June 25, 2008

i’m not dead, i only play dead on the internet.

Hi! I’m alive, no worries!

Just haven’t stopped in on this particular forum for a while…

But I have a list of to-do’s that I wanted to document in here, so, here we go:

1. Get highlights (DIY?)

2. Purchase GOOD and DEEP deep conditioner

3. Select the right nanny position (yayy for choices!)

4. Whitten teeth

5. Get hair cut

6. Read good books

7. Do not spend money!!!

Ok I’m done now.

Real update later, I promise!

Posted by: loveontherocks | June 16, 2008

Protected: oh baby.

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Posted by: loveontherocks | June 15, 2008

Protected: the waterbug.

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